Elevating the Mind-Body Connection

For me, yoga and other movement-based practices are essential parts of my life. Simply put, they make me feel better. I have been teaching yoga for 25 years and practicing it for most of my adult life. You can read more about that here.

I teach what I practice. I’m constantly learning from my own explorations as well as from my clients. I value community, empowerment, and connection. My aim is to educate, motivate, and inspire you through contemporary holistic practices that elevate the mind-body connection and help you live a better life.

I offer live stream and in person classes, workshops, special offerings, retreats, and programs that enhance your sense of self, both on and off the mat. While these offerings bring you into a deeper and clearer relationship with yourself, they also expand and enhance your connection to other people and our world.

Beyond yoga, I offer consulting services to health and wellness professionals and small businesses, advising on topics like business start-up and expansion, identity and implementation strategies, organization, technical systems, and processes crucial for running a successful independent business. This facet of my work reflects my commitment to holistic well-being and community empowerment​.

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“Savonn has a lovely way of opening her heart to her class, perfectly paired with movements and poses that help release emotion and tension. She facilitates an opening of heart in her students. It’s a powerful shared kindness, which transcends even through online classes. Thank you, Savonn!”

“Thank you so much for your classes! I so appreciate the rigor and thought you put into each one. I feel that my practice is exploding right now, and that is remarkable to say when it’s happening remotely during this difficult time. Thank you for always, always leaning in to your teaching!”

“I truly appreciate and admire your systemic, holistic approach to how you thoughtfully shape your classes. You are an amazing model and teacher. A lot of energy and time must go into your work, and I am grateful. Your compassion and expertise are noted by many and truly appreciated by me personally. Words can’t fully express my gratitude!”