Private Sessions

Yoga Private or Semi-Private Sessions

Get Started with Yoga, Work Therapeutically, or Deepen Your Practice

Private yoga classes offer one–on–one instruction and are more specific and personalized to individual needs. Private and semi-private sessions are recommended for new students, those working with injuries, or experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Many people have situations or needs that are not fully met in a group class.

Private and semi-private yoga classes are practical and highly suggested for:

  • Beginners looking to get started before entering a group class.
  • Seasoned practitioners looking to advance their practices.
  • Anyone who is dealing with chronic pain, illness, or injury.

Everyone is unique and so is their body and their ability to practice yoga in a safe, healing, and sustainable way. Besides the benefits of a more mindful and engaged life, yoga helps with stress management and overall well-being. Yoga has also proven to be effective in managing an array of conditions, including acute injuries, chronic pain, headaches/migraines, asthma, diabetes, digestive disorders, weight management, arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Taking care of yourself, your health, and your well-being is an investment that keeps on giving.

Private session at Sellwood Yoga or via Zoom: Starting at $75 for up to 1 hour.
Private session at your home, office, or other location: Starting at $100/hour.
Semi-private sessions: $75-$150/hour (depends on the number of people and location). Package discounts are available.

Yoga in the Workplace

Benefits of yoga in the workplace include:

  • Stress reduction and more relaxation.
  • Greater productivity and increased focus.
  • Increased energy and alertness.
  • Mental clarity and enhanced creativity.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Positive work environment and team building.
Corporate Yoga or “Yoga Where You Work”: Starting at $125/hour.

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“I have been taking yoga classes with Savonn for several years. I recently injured my knee and met with her individually. I was fearful of re-injuring my knee, and through observation and demonstration, she helped me fine-tune my poses by giving me clear instructions to help keep my knee safe while healing. I would not hesitate to recommend a private session with Savonn. She brings so many years of experience, which allows her to share the subtleties of the poses, is very down to earth, and has such enthusiasm for supporting me in my yoga practice. I slowly found the confidence and motivation to begin attending classes again, and I know that Savonn is always there to support me.”

“I’ve been practicing with Sellwood Yoga for years. Recently, my two older sisters expressed interest in trying yoga as well; however, they both have health issues that make attending a regular mat class beyond their abilities. We all took a private class with Savonn that was absolutely perfect! She personalized the class to meet their needs and abilities, modifying the poses on the spot as she learned their capabilities. Savonn was extremely encouraging throughout the lesson and made many helpful suggestions on how to keep going in the future. We are definitely planning on following up with more private lessons. Thanks, Savonn!”

“Savonn is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever practiced with. Her sequencing is dynamic, impeccably thought-out, and always inventive. After nearly a decade of practicing with her, she still surprises me with poses and flows I’ve never encountered. Her warm, inviting demeanor puts her students at ease, as she encourages us to experiment and explore without ever pressuring us to push beyond our bodies’ limits. She’s taught me both to tune into and to trust my body’s wisdom, and I always leave her classes feeling more alive and at ease. Practicing with Savonn has deepened my practice in ways for which I will forever be grateful.”